КamТеhКоm LTD Sofia is a commercial company which has been existing since 1995

It is a specialized enterprise for design, development, production and trade of facilities, products and spare parts for the construction and maintenance of power supply systems for transport.

Develops and produces materials in the field of power supply for industrial sites. Manufactures products and materials for general use and for households.

The company is an active participant in the market and successfully participates in the realization of projects in the field of power supply for transport.

Continuously improves the structure and organization of its governance, without changing the nature and the subject of its activity.

The company has the necessary capacity to deliver services and materials needed to complete entire sites or separately differentiated stages, or parts of them.

Implement its own program for technological equipment and renovation by adopting new production methods and new technologies.

We possess the unique opportunity for specialized testing of newly manufactured materials of all kinds and we guarantee for their suitability and high quality.

The company stands firmly behind the compliance with deadlines of the commitments undertaken, with a high quality of its products. We draws up protocols on the results, obtained from the testing of our products and we issue the necessary documents for quality.

We have an implemented and functioning Integrated Management System in accordance with BSS EN ISO 9001, BSS EN 14001 and BSS OHSAS 18001
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